Chef Selections

Selection of Lean Cuts
240 g ¥4,389

Selection of four high quality lean cuts of beef

Selection of Rare Cuts
240 g ¥5,489

Selection of four premium and exclusive cuts of beef

The Best of Furusato
800 g ¥21,890

Selection of eight of the finest cuts of beef Furusato has to offer!

Sakakiyama Premium Wagyu Steaks

✳︎✳︎✳︎=Level of Marbling

Chuck Flap Steak
150 g

¥4,620  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎

Tenderloin Steak
150 g

¥6,600  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎

Top Sirloin Rump Steak
150 g

¥3,300  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎

Sirloin Steak
150 g

¥5,500  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎

Shoulder Clod Steak
150 g

¥3,850  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎✳︎

Sirloin Steak
150 g

¥5,500  ○○○○○ ✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎✳︎
Beef Sashimi Selection

Sakakiyama Wagyu Nigiri Sushi

Includes four different cuts of lightly seared premium Sakakiyama Wagyu to bring out the textures of the lean cuts and the fats of the heavier cuts. This selection of nigiri sushi comes brushed with our signature soy sauce and ready to enjoy. If you'd like yours made without wasabi, please let our staff know and we would be happy to accommodate you.

Cured Sakakiyama Wagyu and Camembert Cheese

We've taken Sakakiyama Wagyu and cured it like a fine prosciutto, making the most of the both the delicate flavor of the wagyu and the silky marbled fat inside.

Lightly Broiled Sirloin Yukhoe (Korean Steak Tartare)

Served extremely rare, our sirloin yukhoe is topped with a creamy raw egg yolk and sweet onion soy sauce. The perfect way to begin your meal.


A distinctly Japanese take on yukhoe (Korean steak tartare), our Toro-taku uses thinly-sliced rare beef round and combines it with a soy sauce-based tare sauce, crunchy smoked takuan pickles, and green onions. Served with nori seaweed and fragrant ōba (green shiso), Toro-taku is best enjoyed with a heaping bowl of steamed rice.

Raw Beef Heart Sashimi

Sliced by our expert chefs by hand, we exclusively use the juiciest part of the beef tongue to create this sensational dish. Topped with a refreshing ponzu citrus soy sauce to balance the rich flavors.

Raw SakakiyamaWagyu Tongue Sashimi

A truly special offering, we use the center cut of the freshest beef hearts and serve the sashimi with sesame oil, salt, and pepper.

Grilled Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki (Misuji)

Our thinly sliced misuji only needs a few seconds on the grill before the fat begins to melt and you're ready to enjoy. Comes with raw egg yolks, vegetables, and sukiyaki sauce. Mix the egg yolk with the sukiyaki sauce, then grill the misuji for 5-10 seconds before dipping in the sauce. For an even more flavorful experience, wrap the grilled misuji around raw scallions before dipping.


Thinly sliced beef served with ponzu citrus soy sauce and vegetables. Grill for 5-10 seconds before dipping in ponzu and enjoying. Wrap the grilled beef around raw scallions and enjoy the juxtaposition of textures between tender beef and crunchy scallions.

Sukiyaki (Sirloin)

Thinly sliced sirloin served with raw egg yolks, sukiyaki sauce, and vegetables. Grill for 5-10 seconds before dipping in a creamy raw egg yolk and enjoying.

Vegetables and Salads

Korean Greens Selection

Includes Korean lettuce, wild sesame leaves, garlic, carrots, scallions, daikon, Chinese cabbage, green chilis, and gochujang. Wrap the grilled meat of your choice with the lettuce and add in your favorite combination of vegetables, garlic, kimchi, and more.

Mixed Vegetable Sticks

Incudes two homemade dips: umami-rich miso and creamy bagna cauda

Negi Mountain

A mountain of fresh, Hiroshima-grown Negi green onions with a light dressing. Perfect on its own or a crisp condiment to be enjoyed with wagyu.

Geotjeori Salad

Topped with our flavorful sesame oil dressing

Caesar Salad

Side Dishes

Selection of Homemade Namul

Our namul is a taste of Korean home cooking. Includes a selection of four different namul: bean sprout, daikon, flowering fern, and spinach. The perfect accompaniment to Japanese barbeque!

Selection of Homemade Kimchi

A classic trio of homemade Chinese cabbage, daikon, and cucumber kimchi

Seafood Buchimgae (Savory Korean Pancake)

The perfect side dish! Balances Chinese leeks and carrots with a mix of shrimp, squid, and clams in a delightful chewy dough. Served with a delicious and mildly spicy dipping sauce.

Grilled Garlic Confit

Make delicious garlic confit on your grill! As the garlic cooks in the oil, the spicy bite gives way to a mellow flavor and a soft, almost potato-like texture.

Other Selections

Fatty Pork

Located around the neck of the pig, our fatty pork is full of flavor with an incredible, almost crunchy texture

Seafood Selection

Tender squid, scallops, and shrimp

Selection of Mushrooms

Selection of shiitake, shimeji, and eringi mushrooms that pair beautifully with our specialty yakiniku sauce

Selection of Vegetables

Selection of cabbage, carrots, green peppers, kabocha squash, onions


Chicken Neck Meat


Rice Dishes/Noodle Dishes

Simmered Beef Shigure Chazuke
S ¥539 / M ¥792

A traditional Japanese dish served with hot dashi stock, wasabi, scallions, and beef simmered in a sweet and savory sauce


Our specialty ramen is made with a chicken stock base and pork extracts, and has been a best seller since Furusato opened its doors. Surprisingly light and utterly satisfying, our ramen is topped simply with slices of simmered pork, scallions, and bean sprouts.

Sizzling Bibimbap

Always a customer favorite, our bibimbap is full of the flavors of Korea: four kinds of colorful namul (flowering fern, spinach, daikon, bean sprouts), vibrant kimchi, ground beef, gochujang, crispy nori seaweed, and rice topped with a raw egg and served in a sizzling hot dolsot stone pot! Ask your server to mix it up table-side and enjoy every flavorful bite.

Sizzling Sakakiyama Wagyu and Truffle Risotto

An elegant end to any meal, this flavorful risotto comes with thinly sliced round steak served rare, scallions, truffles, burdock root, and demiglace sauce, all topped with a creamy egg yolk. Served in a sizzling hot dolsot stone pot! Ask your server if you would like them to put the finishing touches on the dish right before your very eyes.

Naengmyeon (Korean Chilled Noodle Soup)
S ¥869 / M ¥1,056

A Furusato specialty! Chilled noodles in a refreshing chilled broth topped with sliced sudachi citrus fruit for zest, cucumber slices, scallions, kimchi, and thin slices of simmered beef tongue

Gukbap (Korean Soup with Rice)
S ¥539 / M ¥748

A combination of our egg drop soup and freshly steamed rice, gukbap is the perfect way to end your meal

Gom-tang Gukbap (Oxtail Soup with Rice)
S ¥979 / M ¥1,199

Flavorful oxtail broth, simmered oxtail meat, and rice all come together in this umami-rich gukbap

Daegu-tang Gukbap
S ¥979 / M ¥1,199

A hearty and satisfying blend of our signature Daegu-tang Soup and freshly steamed rice

Garlic Fried Rice

An aromatic fried rice made with garlic, kōne (brisket), and scallions

Steamed Rice
S ¥230 / M ¥280 / L ¥340

Soups and Stews

Mushroom Jjigae (Mushroom and Kimchi Stew)

This rich stew includes four types of mushrooms (shiitake, eringi, enoki, and shimeji), vegetables (daikon, carrots, Chinese chives), and tofu served piping hot

Oyster Jjigae (Oyster and Kimchi Stew)

Plump oysters, Hiroshima's best known and best loved seafood, shine as the stars of this jjigae! Includes tofu and vegetables (daikon, carrots, shiitake, Chinese chives) for a hearty finish to your meal.

Egg Drop Soup

A warming soup made with chicken broth, vegetables (daikon, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese chives), and ribbons of light and fluffy eggs

Daegu-tang Soup

This signature stew is made with oxtail broth, gochujang, vegetables (daikon, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese chives), and beef

Gom-tang Soup (Oxtail Soup)

We simmered wagyu oxtail and beef bones for two days to create a rich and flavorful soup perfectly balanced for ending your meal beautifully.

Kid-Friendly Menu


Udon noodles in our signature egg drop soup

Buttered Corn

Kid's Gukbap

A combination of our egg drop soup and freshly steamed rice


Dessert Selections


Yuzu Citrus


White Peach




Ice Cream

Premium Vanilla


Premium Strawberry


Premium Pistachio


Matcha Tiramisu


Warabi Mochi


Silky Custard Pudding


Wagyu and

Japanese Barbecue Tasting Course


To Start

・A drink of your choosing
・Warming soup featuring slices of kōne (brisket).
Hiroshima is one of the only prefectures that offers brisket. Thinly sliced with a unique texture, it’s the perfect addition to our soup.


Trio of Appetizers
・Cured Sakakiyama Wagyu
・Sakakiyama Wagyu Tongue Sashimi
・Raw Beef Heart Sashimi
(For those unable to eat raw beef, the tongue sashimi and heart sashimi can be enjoyed lightly grilled)

Mixed Vegetable Sticks

・Incudes two homemade dips: umami-rich miso and creamy bagna cauda.
Complementary refills on vegetable sticks and dips are available during your meal. Please ask our staff for refills at any time.

Wagyu Tongue Selections and Steak

Trio of Appetizers
・Hand-cut Beef Tongue, Beef Tongue and Spring Onion Purses
・Your choice of Sakakiyama Wagyu Tenderloin or Sirloin Steak Your steaks will be grilled to perfection right before your eyes by Furusato’s General Manager. While your steaks are being grilled, please enjoy the flavors of our wagyu beef tongue.

Lightly Salted Wagyu Cuts

・Premium Outside Skirt
・Shoulder Clod
・Top Sirloin Rump
Our most popular cuts for you to grill and enjoy. Please feel free to reference the grilling times provided in our menu.

Add a Seafood Selection (sashimi-grade squid, juicy shrimp, scallops on the half-shell) for just 1,000 yen per person.

Horumon Selections

(Choose between our standard marinade or spicy marinade)
・Small Intestine (flavorful and juicy)
・Premium Beef Rumen (crunchy with a hint of sweetness)

Rice or Noodles (Choose between large or small)

Please choose one
・Simmered Beef Shigure Chazuke
・Sakakiyama Wagyu Nigiri Sushi
・Furusato Specialty Ramen


Please choose one
・Silky Custard Pudding
・Melon Sorbet
・Premium Vanilla Ice Cream