Japanese Barbeque Grilling Guide

Grilling wagyu is a little different than grilling other kinds of beef. Follow our guide below to ensure the perfect grill every time.

Rare is best

When grilling red meat, rare is best. You want to just grill the just the surface of the meat so you can experience the incredible tenderness and juiciness that wagyu is known for.

Flip it good!

Instead of grilling one side and then the next, flip the meat over several times during the grilling process. Charring one side of the meat actually takes away from the flavor and aroma of wagyu, so keep things light.

Perfect timing

Grilling times vary with different cuts. We've included the approximate grill times for each part on the menu for your convenience.

When to turn up the heat

Horumon (entrails) should be grilled over high heat. Grilling them well not only increases the umami, but it also helps you get the most out of their supple, bouncy texture.

Sauce and Condiments

Meats in Japanese barbecue generally come either marinated in a special sauce or lightly salted. Marinated meats are usually fuller in flavor, marinated in a blend of soy sauce, miso, and garlic. When grilled, they bring out the umami of the meats and give off an incredibly fragrant and toasty aroma. Salted meats, on the other hand, allow you to fully experience the flavors and umami of the meat itself without any interruptions.

Special sauce

Lightly salted

Here at Furusato, you can choose between marinated or salted meats for all of your selections, but if you truly want to experience the difference between wagyu and standard beef, we recommend choosing lightly salted instead of marinated. Since our wagyu is raised under the strictest standards, there is no need to mask the flavor with herbs and spices. Our wagyu shines all on its own with an aroma like sweet chestnuts and a delicate umami.


Rare is best

About Our Sauce Trio
・To the left, you'll find our zesty lemon sauce made specifically for beef tongue.
・In the middle is our miso sauce, a rich sauce that goes perfectly with marinated meats and horumon (entrails).
・On the right, you'll find our soy sauce-based sauce, a slightly sweet sauce that is great with lightly salted meats or marinated meats.

Sauce and Condiments



The perfect complement and aromatic addition to our lightly salted meat selections

Sesame Salt and Pepper


Try this on our lightly salted meat selections with a dab of wasabi



A citrus soy sauce that complements heavily marbled cuts of beef

Black Pepper

Soy Sauce

Garlic Paste

Korean Chili Garlic Sauce



Sanshō Pepper with Grated Daikon Radish and Ponzu Citrus Soy Sauce


This special sauce combines ponzu and fragrant Japanese Sanshō Pepper

Premium Yuzu Koshō


This traditional Japanese condiment is made from aromatic yuzu citrus zest and mildly spicy green chili peppers